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Win Viva Juliett bike from Evan Cycles

Win Viva Juliett bike from Evan Cycles

Anna Langer Anna Langer

As regular reader of our magazine you know how much we love cycling, so you can image how hard it is for us to give this beauty away instead of keeping it for ourselves. Designed by famous Danish duo Henrik Nørby and Lars Anderson, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3speed hub, mudguards and a rear pannier rack. The retro cruiser is worth a hefty 655€, find out more at

To enter, simply select the correct answer below, solve the math problem and enter your email address. Good luck!


  1. brenda

    what a beautiful bike, i want it!!!

  2. Domenica

    it’s possibly the dopest bike i’ve seen in a while

  3. peanutbutterjellyfish

    lovely bike …be mine mine !!

  4. Hannah

    Sheer Class

  5. Lesley

    Beautiful looking bike.I would love to own one.

  6. steve

    That’s my wife’s ideal bike….hope I win it for her.

  7. Emma

    Woowzaaa x

  8. Milly

    All Cambridge would be turning its head if I were to win THAT bike. Stunning!

  9. ANJI

    Oh how I’d love a bike!

  10. Jen Rogers

    Fitness chronic – need bike for tonic!

  11. Lorna

    Lovely bike, would love to win it.

  12. Jackie

    Curvaceous bike!

  13. chris

    A great bike for my wife

  14. Richard Osman

    Want it !!

  15. Foofy

    My sister’s never had her own bike… She would love it! I could get her a basket for the front and she put her soggy wet suits in it too! Beautiful bike, the juliett’s not bad either! hehe

  16. digidew

    i love the red! i hope i win it! it will go well with all the summer dresses i have in my wardrobe! ^_^ xx

  17. uslumbs

    on your bike you lot !!! ^^^^^^

    Its mine !!

  18. Kelsapel

    Totally envious of whoever wins this cheeky ride.

  19. Toni

    Wow, I love it, never owned a bike, even as a child. It would be amazing if I won.

  20. Tracy Wells

    Beautiful red bike, I love it!

  21. debbie

    love it!!!

  22. Miriam

    Very good for the enviroment

  23. sonia lewis

    would love to win this great bike help me loose weight and keep fit with my family

  24. Trish, Somerset

    What a wonderful feeling of freedom you must have riding a bike. Wish I had one!!

  25. AJ

    MINE! Pretty please? X

  26. Roger I Shotton

    I have just been made redundent the prize would help me cut down on my petrol bills
    and help me keep fit and cycle to a new job!

  27. dorothy cavender


    1. Cooler

      Hey Dorothy, sorry we had to censor your comment but you’re not supposed to write the answer in the comments but choose the right answer from the multiple choice options before, tick the box and enter your email address. Good luck!

  28. James Stallard

    A Gorgeous bike for my Gorgeous Girl!!

  29. Hannah Wood

    Wow , it would make my life a lot easier .

  30. julie walker

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  31. nadine jamieson

    just right for me to take up two wheels

  32. Patricia Stanbury

    Just what my daughter needs after baby number three
    Then she may pass it on to me !

  33. sue


  34. theresa

    Yes please, I want it.

  35. Sue Engelbrecht

    I once had a bike that looked like that one, it was a pearly blue shade and after riding it only 2 times it was stolen and I have’nt been able to afford one since so I would love to win it.

  36. Michelle

    I rode one of these when I was in Holland they are fantastic

  37. Stephen Hutchings

    An ideal item at our present time

  38. juliet porter

    My name is Juliet…surely this bike is made for me!

  39. SAPPHO

    I live in a biking city and would love a bike to ride with my four children to school each day. This Juliett bike would really cheer this mummy up.

  40. Amy

    Want need want need want … drool!

  41. Christina

    Looks like a lovely bike

  42. thursday

    hi is there a problem with this page?

    i cant enter this….theres no place to enter of math question and on other comps on this site there is no problem submitting my entry….i want to enter this for my daughter….pls advise someone im baffed….

  43. thursday

    oh wow its working now…thats strange cos last night it wouldnt let me enter either…well im glad now i can….i wish this for my daughter zaniyah cos shes wanted a bike forever and the money always has to go on everything else…and this bike is a beauty!!!!

  44. Françoise

    The bike of mmy dreams!

  45. Mary

    This bike is sooooo cool, I would love to win it!!!

  46. jackie

    I would be so excited to win this – what a gorge bike – would be so proud to be seen on this!


    Stunning and my favourite colour.

  48. jay


  49. Keith Shepherd

    Would love to win this for my wife

  50. Heather

    Great bike – just in time for the summer!!

  51. Ruth

    I would be so excited to win this bike. It’s gorgeous!

  52. Carol Ash

    Fingers crossed!

  53. George Davidge

    Ohhh I’d love that for the wife. (NO not as a swap) So she could fit a basket to it & fetch my papers/fags/beer etc without my having to hear “Its a long walk” all the time. Though that swap idea might stand some thinking about.

  54. gracieg

    A bike to be SEEN on!

  55. Lona Jones

    Lovely prize. I could do with a new bike to keep up my fitness routine!

  56. Mrs B Travis

    Great bike to win

  57. Kt Cheetham

    Amazing bike, it looks so girlie i love it :)

  58. Jenifer-Mary Pettitt

    My bicycle is more than 53 years old & is worn out. I was given it for Xmas when I was 10 years old. I use it every day to do my shopping & I would love to have a new one.

  59. Karin Hall

    Love the bike, and looks sturdy enough to carry my two little ones and their seats as well as me!!


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