Coco Ho surfing naked for the ESPN Body Issue 2014

Photos of Coco Ho surfing naked will appear in the latest ESPN Body Issue. She follows in the wholly bare footsteps of fellow surfers Stephanie Gilmore, Maya Gabeira and Kelly Slater and the two shots we’ve seen floating around the interweb suggest the tone of Coco Ho’s shots are sporty, relaxed and funny, rather than leery or sexploitative (let it be one for today if not), as was the case with the snowboarder Elena Hight [click here to see the Elena snowboarding naked shots], who appeared in the 2013 issue and even hosted a naked barbecue in her snowboard boots!

When the Elena Hight photos ran we had this to say about ESPN’s Body Issue and we pretty much stand by these comments:

There is something at the very least interesting about these shots. Maybe because they sit alongside naked male athletes it makes them seem less predatory. Plus even though Elena’s starkers she’s not making ‘come hither’ eyes at us or looking all sultry and sexy, which is weird but welcome. It makes it easier to focus on her as an athlete, which is the premise of the ‘body issue’, or so ESPN tell us anyway.