‘Makes me want to go skate!’ The (now)11 Best Female Skate Parts Of All Time!

We’re obsessed with a bit of skate spectating (to get some inspiration to go roll yourself). You can literally trawl the internet for hours watching edits and parts and tricks and trips. But here we have collected together a mega list of some of the best girl skate parts EVER. In the opinion of Cooler and a few of our friends….

1) Lacey Baker’s Bombshell

as chosen by Kim Woozy, Mahfia

‘I love Lacey’s style. Her flip tricks are so dialled  smooth, poppy & effortless, she’s definitely one of my favorite street skaters to watch. If I could possess any skateboarder’s skills, I would choose Lacey for sure. She makes skateboarding look ridiculously fun and stylish.’

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