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My hero: Oscar Pistorius by Anne-Flore Marxer

My hero: Oscar Pistorius by Anne-Flore Marxer


My Hero, the regular that’s best read with Dave Grohl playing softly in your head, often throws up surprise nominations but this the first properly controversial one we’ve had given that he’s standing trial for the murder of his girlfriend! French shredder Anne-Flore Marxer explains her choice

Oscar Pistorius is the most inspirational person I ever met.

I met Oscar, the South African runner, when he was in the middle of his battle to be allowed to qualify for the Olympics even though he has two prosthetic legs.

Not only was he carrying this huge message of hope on his shoulders but he had the kindest look in his eyes and brightest smile on his face.

He was also so humble, kind, fun to hang out with and such a caring person.

A tragic event has happened to him since and now the world’s press, which used to cherish him, are pointing the finger at him.

And still to me he is my hero for all he accomplished within the Olympics rules and more importantly for the message of equality he fought for and for how much time, effort and courage he devoted to that.

I’ve had a difficult year losing some of my favourite people on this planet and again the positive power and hope comes from Oscar. I love the way he brings out simple ideas into changing your way of seeing things forever. Today when he is the one having the most difficult challenges to overcome he somehow is the only one who was able to give me some strength and hope.

Anne-Flore Marxer - photo: Swatch

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  1. Beverley David

    Anne, thank you for supporting what Oscar Pistorius has done on and off the track. I wish many other athletes like yourself who met, liked, and were inspired by Oscar would speak up. What he faces now is heart braking and what happened is tragic. The Media want to turn him into some “Jekyll and Hyde” character. He had his career and life to look forward to. Hard to believe this “humble and kind” man would want to throw that all away. His work off the track did more, in a short period of time, for children and adults fighting the stigma of disability than almost anyone before him. Thank you for believing and remembering him so publicly.

  2. Michele Paoli

    I agree with Beverley, Anne. Thank you for having the coirage of your opinions as we say in French!,Oscar is my hero too and will always remain my hero! He thought he was acting for the best to protect his girl friend and should be given a second chance like anyone else, He had done nothing but being outstandingly good his whole life through and does not deserve to be treated like a pariah!

  3. Heather Malcherczyk

    Thank you for sharing your experience of meeting Oscar. I have never had the privilege of meeting him in person although I was lucky enough to watch him run in London 2012. Everything I know of Oscar assures me that he is a good man with an enormous heart, an inspirational sportsman and humanitarian. I strongly believe that the events of the 14th February were a terrible and tragic accident and that he will be vindicated in court. And whilst I can’t expect everyone to share my views, I am reassured when I read personal endorsements like this, that there are many compassionate, empathetic and like minded people who care deeply for Oscar, who are willing to share their support and offer him the friendship and hope that he has so freely given to others during his young life. Thank you Anne-Flore.


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