Testing Times: Goodboards ‘Julia’

All Mnt/Freeride – Int/Adv – Directional – Regular Camber/Hybrid: Regular between Feet, Reverse under Tip & Tail

Tailored for backcountry riding only, the 149 is the smallest length available for girls in the Good boards repertoire and even though it sounds pretty big for many of the smaller ones among us, it’s a super nice ride! They made the tail narrow enough and the sidecut small enough so you can easily turn it on the slope and even still huck it around in narrow and steeper surroundings of the backcountry. They do different base profiles for this one too, so you can pick between a regular, negative camber for extra precision or a “Double Rocker” combining reverse with regular, for a bit more forgiveness and playfulness.

€ 459

Tested by Anna: 158 cm – 50 kg – 15 years riding

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