This Is Me: Megumi Matsuno

After creating an amazingly scary Halloween look for us, the make up artist explains why you have to believe in your beauty

Interview by Anna Langer

I came to London 4 years ago after spending the time in Paris for 6 years. I wanted to change my life a bit in London also my husband has been in London!!

I’m really enjoying my job as a make up artist! I decided to do that when I left my home country Japan. Make up is like magic! You can transform a person and give them a completely different face with a bit of shadow and line… It makes me suprised all the time! And I love doing make up because sometimes it gives me the feeling I made the magic myself!

To be honest, I wanted to be a pretty “CHICK” when I was a little child… I always believed some day I can be a chick…

I love Halloween because I love to watching the people dressed up with crazy make up!

The most important thing for a perfect make up? You have to believe in how beautiful  you are with this make up when you doing this.

Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing in the world. I believe we are all pretty happy to be living in this beautiful world here already!

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