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Cooler - October/November 12

Cooler - October/November 12

Anna Langer Anna Langer

Nike snowboarder Spencer O'Brien on the cover of Cooler Magazine 39 - October/November 2012

Can you feel it yet? Those icy fingers that linger for just a moment when the October breeze brushes your hair? Winter is on its way people and frankly what better way to herald the return of the snow than in the company of our cover star slopestyle world champ Spencer O’Brien?

And to keep the celebration of the new season going we’ve got the lowdown on 2012’s best boards, the earthy trends sweeping apparel and some hang time with snowboarding’s baddass backflip queen Kimmy Fasani.

Other highlights from the issue include:

* we welcome back legendary – and newly reborn – skatepark Radlands

* while getting some airtime with rookie surf shredder Lakey Peterson

* UK wonder rider Aimee Fuller explains while she’ll still be shredding when she’s 50

* and you have no excuse not to with our guide to the world’s best indoor snow slopes

* we follow the One Life crew on their (cold) adventures around the fjords of Iceland

* and get the lowdown from the Nikita ladies on the launch of their first ever snowboards

* Tiffany Wenn guides us around the vintage shops of her hometown Tel Aviv

* but DIY fans may prefer messing around with our guide to tie-dying your old jeans

* The Hooves of Destiny gallop into our consciousness

* and Boarders without Borders tell us all about riding with Hannah Teter in Iran

Plus fashion embraces ranch life before getting the blues and a rather snazzy set of roller skates, find out how to make your own tea just in case the world ends and you need some caffeine and fill your brain with all the news, trends, travel, book, movie and music info you’ll ever need.

Here’s to a season full of powder, laughter, fresh lines and more than a little bit of rock’n’roll.

  1. Prunelle

    Where can i find the stussy top p.99 please? I love it!


    Hi, I’m interested on working at cooler. Who can i contact?

    1. Cooler

      Hey Alexandra, email britta (at)!

Cooler 38 with Hawaiian surf princess Malia Manuel on the cover!

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