California dreamin’

Just had three nice weeks of skydiving in California. Since it is still very early in the season in Norway I decided to go to the States to warm up with some jumping from planes. My boyfriend had also been interested in learning to skydive for a while so we went on our first long trip together. Must say I was kind of impatient when waiting for him to finish his license so we could jump together, but patience pays off, and after days of being winded out he finally finished.

We jumped all the time, only took a couple of days off to see Las Vegas, not really my “cup of tea” but still ok because there were lots of roller coasters and other fun rides. The last week was spent at a drop zone in Arizona and in the wind tunnel there. In a wind tunnel you can do the exact same things as in free fall only you are indoors! It is SO much fun and a really good way of practicing, wish I had one in my backyard….;-)