Element Pick up the Parks

If you fancy doing your good eco deed of the day, head along to one of the Element Pick up the Parks events.

On Earth Day, Tuesday April 22nd, Element and Elemental Awareness will be stopping by skate parks and rewarding people who have pulled their finger out to make a difference at their local skate park. Whether you’ve been busy picking up litter, filling in pavement cracks, building obstacles or creating decorative graffiti, the bigger impact you make, the bigger the reward!


Hamburg, Germany – i-Punkt Skateland
Münster, Germany – Skaters Palace Münster Heidenheim, Germany – First Try Skateshop Sestri Levante Genova, Italy – Groove Skatepark
Heidenheim, Germany – First Try Skateshop/Rollbahn – Brenz Str. 11 – 89518
Sestri Levante Genova, Italy – Groove Skatepark – Santa Vittoria

Santa Ana, CA – Santa Ana Skatepark
San Pedro, CA – Channel Street Skatepark Mission Viejo, CA – Beebe Skatepark Denver, CO – Denver Skatepark Chicago, IL – Wilson Skatepark Portage, MI – Portage Skatepark San Juan, PR – Tres Palmas (Ocean Park)

Vancouver, BC – Lonsdale Skate Park
Edmonton, AB – Castle Downs Skatepark
Calgary, AB – Shaw Millennium Skatepark
Mississauga, ON – Iceland Skatepark
Brossard, QC – Brossard Skatepark
St-Hubert, QC – Park St-Nazaire

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