Leticia Bufoni poses for Men’s Health: HELP! Skaters are getting semi-naked too!

We’re used to stroking our chins over the merits of surfers using their sexuality to sell themselves, even if we’re not totally sure it works and we’ve even chatted about the snowboarders who choose to go down that route.

But this is the first scantily-clad skateboarder we’ve seen, in case you don’t recognise her it’s Leticia Bufoni, who we normally show ripping like a mini-Axel Rose (before he became a d**k that is). And there was us thinking skateboarding was the last action sport where it was safe to keep your clothes and just charge!

Leticia Bufoni – 5-0

But never mind us skaters what do you think? Is it a legitimate and sensible career move on the part of  Leticia Bufoni, or is it quite simply the end of days, and you’d rather live in a world where girl skaters stuck to making these kind of bad ass video parts, clothes on.

Story via Planet Sports & Place Skateboarding & the original Men’s Health story is here.

When we posted this story on twitter, the UK Skater Stef Nurding did make us laugh by sending us the tumblr site fuckyeahskateboardchicks in response. Hats off to whoever’s behind that

Stef Nurding is


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