Win a Volcom SEED coat

Since the skies don’t seem like they’ll bless us with some beautiful white flakes any time soon, we figured the best option is to make the best of it and enjoy the beauty of Autumn while it lasts! And to make sure you follow us, we’ve got the unique ‘Free Me Butterfly’ windbreaker from the very first Volcom SEED collection up for grabs for the best ‘Autumn Vibe’ shot posted to our Facebook wall!

So grab your cam and head outside or start digging into your archives if you want to win this most stylish garment, that is quite popular in the Cooler towers too… And that’s not even it – the winning shot will be published in the next issue of the mag!! That means print coverage in your favourite publication people – what are you waiting for, get uploading!!

And to find out more about this unique collection, read our interview with designer Anja Khusal!


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