What Does It Look Like To ‘Skate Like A Girl’?

Neon Stash sets to put the record straight and break a stereotype or two..

Last week Always released their new thought provoking awesome campaign ‘Like A Girl’ which made us questions why doing something ‘like a girl’ was always so damn negative!

Inspired by the campaign and on a mission, Neon Stash headed to Bay Sixty 6 for Girls Night to question the stereotypes of girl skaters and get the right message across. The perfect place to find answers, as the first Friday of every month attracts a variety of girl skaters to the Notting Hill based skate park, all willing to put the world to right.. right on what it means to be a girl skater that is! So what do they think it looks like to ‘skate like a girl’? The variety of answers, emotions and expressions says it all. Huh? What they do know is that they love to skate and they just happen to be girls.

Check it out and spread the word!

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