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Win two Nokia x Burton Insulator Cases

Win two Nokia x Burton Insulator Cases

Anna Langer Anna Langer

Win two Nokia x Burton Insulator Cases!

Burton and Nokia are sending one especially creative individual to the Burton US Open this yearto report live from the grounds & behind the scenes and we’re giving away two padded Nokia x Burton Insulator Cases!

They’re supposed to elongate your phone’s battery life up to 50% – which would be especially useful to our online ed who usually leaves her charger in the place furthest away from her current location (ie in the drawer at home when attending contests, trips, etc.)

If you have a similar case of special needs that scream for attention or another especially good and creative reason we should give one of the two available cases to you, leave us comment below or email to anna (at) before January 21st 2013.

This competition has now closed.

  1. Mary Kes

    i dont have a case and this would keep my mobile clean and tidy

  2. sue patel

    I really really need an insulator case cos my rabbit chewed through the wire of my phone charger so now I have to share my husband’s and he always seems to want to use it when I need it :(

  3. Dusica Banduka

    I m the living feeling of colt. My hands and feet are ice even under the best conditions. So some snow would be a great therapy to warm this ice-cubes up.Amd as everything i own i cold as well, i need to warm that shit up. And by the way i fucking loooooove Burton stuff! so just send ME 😉

  4. Rich

    I would appreciate one of these as my batt goes flat real quick. Thanks.

  5. ellie

    I’m about to do my first season abroad (ie somewhere other than scotland!) and am slowly gathering all the stuff I will need together but money is running out! It would also make an aweeeesome extra xmas present for my bf who is burton mad!

  6. carole maciver

    this wuld be great as my battery seenms to go flat very quickly

  7. Sharon Griffin

    this would be great for my son x

  8. lynne collins

    Nokia-Burton Insulation
    How I’d love this Cool Creation!!

  9. Julia

    ths same shit on the mountain every single day… i want to take a photo of my first coolest jump ever and than… battery low… I cant take a photo :(


    OMG! SO BEAUTIFUL! MY CATS GO BONKERS WITH PHONE CHARGER…BITING AND CHEWING. Would be lovely to keep them in Burton cases! Fingers crossed!

  11. belinda porter

    I am coooooooold! but mny phone wouldnt be cool!!

  12. Joy Portas

    Don’t have one so why not send me a freeby??

  13. DaviesRoberts

    Because i like it very muchly

  14. Helen Moulden

    My Nokia was complaining to me the other day that it was feeling rather chilly in this icy snowy weather. This would definitely cheer him up (and shut him up)…

  15. sue willshee

    I really need an insulator case because I’m forever getting to the opposite end of the country and finding that my charger is sitting at home! I’m known for begging to borrow chargers.

  16. Graham Ross

    because they like cool,and hey why not


    Wow, what a great product, would be ideal for me for my days at the beach where I run my battery out listening to music and will also be great for camping.

  18. Simon Benson

    It’s about time my Nokia put some clothes on

  19. Eleanor Jones

    They look cool and I could do with a case to keep my phone safe!

  20. Eleanor Powell

    So clever and cool – I would love one of these..but I think my son would pinch it at the first opportunity!

  21. Sarah E

    When the aliens land, they need to be able to make contact with me – send me a Nokia x Burton Insulator Case & save the universe!

  22. Jennifer Toal

    Great for the battery

  23. Claire Smith

    I only have to turn my phone on and it seems to lose half it’s power so it’s either one of these (or a new phone!)

  24. federico ultimini

    I had no christmas present and if i will win it i swear i will use it forever thanks :)

  25. laura stewart

    these would be so handy to have

  26. owen reed

    When I’m out cycling around the Northamptonshire countryside I often get lost. Getting the most out of my battery life is important as I’m always looking at Nokia maps on my Lumina, taking photos of new sights and uploading them

  27. Bridget Johnson

    Great prize could really do with it this week

  28. Carl Upshon

    I love being up in the mountains, the brecons and the lake district. This will help keep my phone warm even if I am not warm!

  29. Megan S

    This would be great to protect my phone when I’m going out all day and help with the battery life when I’m taking long trips up the slopes.

  30. Lesley Dixon

    Its nice to see a company in 2013 be so inative.A case to prolong battery life.Its battery technology that is holding us back.Why does my laptop battery only last 3 hours? and why does my phone have to be charged every day?We had the technology to put a man on the moon in 1969! well done addressing the battery problem.I would love to own one of these cases they are so inative and a big step forward.

  31. Lauren

    Would help me find my phone in my handbag more easily, not to mention how handy extra battery life would be (no more switching off wireless internet to preserve battery!).

  32. Cheryl Pearson

    I’d love one of these as I am awful for dropping my phone, and this would give the maximum protection! also, elongating the battery life would be a life saver as my son loves draining my battery playing angry birds!!


    I have very strict bosses at work and the no charger’s rule ( Health and safety !) is a pain as on a 8 hour shift it is getting very low by the time ive checked facebook in my lunch hour and breaks – so this would be very useful

  34. Kerrie McKay

    They look good and I could give one to my hubby who is always dropping his phone at work. Fingers crossed!

  35. Paul

    I’d love to win this as i never seem to have my charger handy when I need it most, and I’d no longer be able to excuse not returning calls because my battery was going flat 😉

  36. Michael Williams

    I’ll be honest, I just like winning stuff

  37. David Cooney

    Its Ultra cool and Ultra stylish
    fashionable and functional
    so grant my wish

  38. Aaron Dawson

    my phones wrecked so i really badly need a case:)

  39. yvette ross

    my daughter would love this i would be the best mum ever if i won (well maybe for a couple of hours)

  40. Janine Atkin

    i didnt even know these exisited so i should win for having my head in the clouds!

  41. karen dixon

    would love to win as i do not have a case

  42. Liz Griffin

    I could do with this as I’m forever forgetting to charge my phone and getting caught short, so anything that could extend the battery life would be a massive help

  43. Becky Downey

    My battery is getting completely rubbish, elongating it would make it normal!

  44. Lauren Main

    my son would probably appreciate this! :)

  45. Kirsty Elliott

    Because I run out of battery every day

  46. Pamela Browett

    I love that they elongate your phone’s battery life up to 50%. As i am an on duty carer,i use two phones as the battery usually dies by early afternoon. But this case would be fantastic

  47. David Price

    It would be great because my mobile is always running down at the worst times

  48. pliok

    Ah yes, similar needs! Well I constantly forget to turn off my music player and/or wireless, so my battery is ‘suddenly’ nearly empty… Or, imagine that, I get stuck at the airport for many long and boring hours and decide to take a nap – what would happen if my battery dies and I cannot wake up? Hm…


    i would like to win as t would keep my phone clean tidy and warm :)

  50. Avs

    It’s cool to be wrapped up, especially on winter days, when everyone’s battery runs down more quickly

  51. sa

    fingers crossed !

  52. Andrei Damoc

    very nice product .thank you !!!

  53. Naomi Kent

    Unfortunately I’m always misplacing my charger, so my poor little phone’s battery is forever stretched (because my charger can never be fetched). :( So please give me a case that’s cooler, and make my battery bar fuller! 😀

    Thanks guys x

  54. caroline hooper

    I would love one of these simply for the reason that I don’t have one and they look awesome!

  55. Jacqueline Johnston

    Going on holiday soon and need to protect my phone from my 2 year old

  56. Michelle Blane

    How brilliant this sounds. I rely on my phone to keep in touch with my elderly parents when I am out. I always seem to be charging it. Looks fab too!

  57. karine jade

    would love to win it to protect my mobile

  58. Kathryn Casbolt

    Fantasic! We all expect our phones to do so much these days, batteries run down really quickly.

  59. mariahunt44

    What a brilliant idea – would be really handy

  60. Pete

    I’d just like to see if it really works.

  61. Amanda Jammycow Mudie

    love to win this as anything making battery last longer is a god send im always using my fone

  62. Vivien Taylor

    Because I’d be cooler with a battery that lasted longer.

  63. Rhiannon Hodge

    Make my battery last past lunchtime, I get so bored in work

  64. Imogen Edwards

    Would love to win this – it is perfect!

  65. Sarah Maunder

    Cool prize – warm phones !

  66. Ben Smith

    The orange one would match my ginger hair.

  67. Mar Esquer Ruiz-Galán

    Simply I find it very useful, I like the design and I love to have one

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