Alana Blanchard: “There were articles being written, Alana Blanchard can surf, I was like, “Yeah I can surf!”


A New Year, a new video series from Alana Blanchard including this cool retro vibing image above, action sequences from the first part of the ASP Women’s World Tour 2013 and some interesting chat, especially considering the year Alana’s just had. She speaks about the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, where she surfed phenomenally well, and how mad it was when articles appeared saying: “Alana Blanchard can surf!” she says in an understandably bemused tone: “Yeah I can surf.”

It’s a cool insight into how freaking mental it must be to be Alana Blanchard, and also how annoying it must be sometimes. Later in the clip she says: “I want to just surf and not think about anything else”. She doesn’t sound at all unhappy or ungrateful when she says it, but it did make me think that not thinking about it is probably the only way to stay sane when you’re Alana Blanchard at this moment in time.

The vid also included the obligatory ass shots, which prompted this funny exchange in the comments section of the original Network A youtube posting:

Here’s the video titled Alana Blanchard Surfs Around The World Episode 301:

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