Brits On Board: Episode 2: ‘I’m proud that people are riding in a country with limited mountains…’

Where do you go to snowboard when the mountains aren’t around? How has the UK managed to develop a snowboard scene and kept it vibrant? In part it’s thanks to the snowdomes, with the first one opening back in 1994 in Tamworth. For the second episode of Brits On Board, the video project that aims to showcase UK girls shred, Neon Stash goes to investigate and meet the ladies who ride the dome. A visit to The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead is bound to inspire you to get freestyle on a Friday:

Also check out the handy Infograph they drew up to explain what a snow dome is, with some interesting facts attached. Might inspire you to get down your local dome before the Olympics kicks off next week!


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