Movie Reviews: Absinthe ‘Resonance’

We were obviously super sad to learn about the absence of the only female member of the Absinthe crew, Annie Boulanger, for this year (but good news is you can win her signature glove and backpack from Dakine with us!), but the movie still met all expectations we had for these big guns in the snow flick biz.

Especially the fearless lines and epic backcountry parts by usual suspects such as Nicolas Müller, Blair Habenicht and Wolle Nyvelt (who shows another spectacular performance on his bindingless NoBoards!), but also introducing some   younger blood with Eric Jackson and Mat Schaer.

The soundtrack is, as usual as well, a bit special and not for everyones ears, with some great amazing songs but also some that don’t fit the riding or even snowboarding at all if you ask us.

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