Roxy launch fitness and fresh adventures line


We’re feeling big love for this new Roxy outdoor fitness campaign.

1. Because it stars one of our favourite surfers, Sally Fitzgibbons, who more attentive readers will remember once told us she gave up a career as a track star to become a pro surfer.

2. Because it fits with our whole January prize ourselves away from the red wine and Netflix and get back into doing exercise vibes.

3. Because it focuses on outdoor exercise and not gym-based nonsense, which we’re all about too. Fresh air & running-induced endorphins = the best fun you can have short of surfing, snowboarding or skating (and for many of us geography cruelly gets in the way of doing those on a daily basis. Cycling is obvs rad too though!)

4. Because the kit is nice-looking. It’s sporty but cool too and somehow more motivating than running in your boy’s old tee from his team building exercise in 99 [Flight of the Conchords reference fully intended!].

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