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Sabrina Kusar - Winter 2012

Sabrina Kusar - Winter 2012

Anna Langer Anna Langer

Sabrina Kusar - Winter 2012

While we’re still going back and forth between Autumn and winter, jumpers and coats, boots and sneakers, Nikita shredette Sabrina Kusar is already in full on snow mode, dropping the first edit for 2012 – of course spring time last season counts for 2012 as well but a little motivation never hurts, does it?. And the lovely Swiss mountains are always a great view anyway, no matter what season or year…

Not quite sure why it’s called “Grandma Shred” – leave a comment on our Facebook wall if you got an idea! Best idea will win a Nikita tee…

GRANDMA’S SHRED winter 2012 edit from zsab zk on Vimeo.

  1. Annie Bartholomew

    The music is inspired by Dixie Land – your grandmother’s music if you lived in the States.


  2. Ula

    Cos she was wearing MASSIVE grandma pants while filming all these shots :)

  3. Kaz

    Grandma could be the shortened form of ‘grandmaster’. And Grandmaster is only available when you’re doing what you do best at the super raddest level. That is all! :)

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