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Movie Reviews: Standard Films '2112'

Movie Reviews: Standard Films '2112'

Anna Langer Anna Langer

After the epic TB20 last year, Standard Films produced another solid snowboard flick that makes you wanna go riding instantly. Even though Kimmy Fasani’s part starts of very lifestyle heavy with a lot of mood shots and blurry action, making us fear the girls are being sidetracked with looking pretty again. But it quickly develops into a fully blown part, showcasing some of her famous backcountry backflips. Plus some truly chin dropping jumps we couldn’t land in a lifetime. [Watch her full part here]

And since Standard didn’t combine their two girls parts (as they did in previous years) but granted Anne-Flore Marxer her own small but still rather gnarly part ripping AK, earns even more points on our must-watch-scale.

Oh yeah, and Xavier De Le Rue’s riding on blue ice too. Only downside in our opinion was the bit excessive use of slo mos…

Movie Reviews: Standard Films '2112'

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