1)You’re always collecting as many different experiences as possible.


2) Jumping on a last minute plane to somewhere new?- The dream

3) Sometimes you feel envious of your organised friend’s, stress free lifestyles…

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4) …But most of the time, the idea of knowing what's coming seems super dull.

5) No matter how hard you try to have a quiet weekend in, something crazy always ends up happening...


6) And no matter how hard you try and save money, you always end up skint because of that last minute road trip/ funk gig/ train ticket.

7) New friends are always around the corner.


8) When you meet other truly adventurous people, you never know what stupid antics you'll end up doing together

9) You act on gut instinct and raw emotion... which get you into trouble quite a lot

10) But you still believe that first thought = best thought


11) A lot of the time, you realise something is a stupid idea only when you’re doing it


12) But it’s ok. You never regret it afterwards anyway!