1) It's home to some of the most remote (and beautiful) beaches in the British Isles

isle of harris scotland

2) And it's also one of the only places in the UK you can ride powder

Back Corries Nevis Range Snow

3) You can't come to Scotland and not have an adventure...


4) It's a dream for hikers


4) Snowdon ain't got nothing on Ben Nevis...


6) You can climb one of the few extinct volcanoes in the UK

Yes, Arthur's Seat in Edinburg was once full of lava!

arthur's seat edinburgh

7) Mountain bikers think Scotland is practically heaven

They even hold a leg of the MTB World Cup here

MTB Fort William

8) You'll see some awesome wrecks if you go diving around the Orkney Isles

diving orkney islands

9) And maybe one of these guys too

basking shark

10) Plus it's home to the world's third largest whirlpool, the Corryvreckan in Arygll


11) You've got to be a pretty hardy type if you come from Scotland


12) Seeing as the weather is normally like this

Waves hit the sea wall in Wimereux, northern France

13) But at least they get good surf