1) Your family constantly worry about you being within 1000 miles of any country currently on the news

2) Dates become 1o times more attractive if you discover they love travelling too...


3) ... And you could never be with someone who isn’t as curious about the world as you

4) Your friend’s Pinterests are full of style blogs. Yours is full of places you want to see...


5) You never have the right change, because your purse is full of different world currencies


6) You know you bore your friends when you talk about your travels...

7) ... But when you meet a fellow traveller, you can literally talk for hours

8) You can’t understand why your friends get so stressed about packing for holidays

9) Because you know everything you need can fit in a backpack


10) You ditched the idea of hair straighteners years ago

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11) Going three weeks without having a shower just doesn't faze you anymore

12) Facebook messages from friends always start ‘Errr... Where in the word are you now?!'

13) And older family members who used to struggle turning on a laptop are now totally Skype savvy and constantly popping up to chat

14) You’ll never stop exploring new places...


15) Because the world is very, very big…


16) …. And life should be one big adventure