1) They are always up for any kind of adventure

Especially if it involves dirt, camping and a very high chance of rain

Photo: Poler Stuff/Chris Burkard

2) When you say let's go ride bikes and eat nachos, they always say yes

Cycling bike riding

3) They laugh when things go a bit shit...

Like you've just lost one of your hiking boots and it's starting to rain

Photo: entouriste.com

4) ... And know how to perk you up when you reach a low point

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

5) Mud totally doesn't faze them

Photo: lahainalifestylephotography.tumblr.com

6) Neither does the cold

snow woman adventure

7) Boundaries are something other people abide by

Fence? What fence?

Photo: Tumblr

8) You trust them with a map...

Photo: Tumblr

9) And their ability to remove a giant splinter from your hand


10) They will sleep literally anywhere

It could be on a luggage trolley in the middle of Old Delhi Station, and they'd still be snoring


11) When they see a mountain, they want to climb it

Photo: Sacha Bertrand/Misadventures

12) Their idea of a good night out is camping somewhere with a good view and a six pack of beers


13) If you forget your sleeping mat, they'll always offer you theirs

van life

14) As well as their last sip of water

Photo: velocipedesalon.com

15) Because that's what a good adventure buddy is for

adventure swimming snorkleing

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