1) Where do people always say they want to be, if they could live anywhere?

Cornwall. That's where.

Photo: Stock

2) You can go to the beach after work

Forget huddling in the sunshine outside a busy London pub


3) Hike one of the longest (and most beautiful) coastal paths in the UK on the weekends

South west coastal path hiking cornwall

4) And cook your dinner on the beach

Two words: beach BBQ

beach bbq

5) How many counties do you know that have a theatre cut into a cliffside?

Minack Theatre

6) And hold amazingly bizarre events like the World Belly Boarding Championships

Photo: National Trust South West

7) It's the home of British surfing...

Photo: Nina Zietman

8) If the surf is good, it's a legitimate excuse to clock off work early

Nina Zietman

9) There are far more foodie options than just Cornish pasties

Cornwall now has three Michelin Star restaurants, plus some amazing (slightly cheaper) options too - check out Little Plates in Wadebridge


10) But you don't have to spend loads of money to have a good night out

Beach campfire

11) It's so remote you always feel like you're on an adventure

Photo: Wikipedia

12) Plus everyone has a dog

That can only be a good thing.

Dogs Adventure

13) It's got it's downsides...

funny headlines newspaper cornwall

14) People will always flock here for their summer holidays...

crowded beach cornwall

15) But you get to live here all year round

beach-sunset cornwall