1) Introducing yourself to new people is always awkward and embarrassing

2) And the idea of facing a hostel bar alone makes you break out in a cold sweat

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4) 'Fake it 'til you make it' is your new social life mantra

3) But sometimes Dutch courage can go a little wrong...

5) Meeting new people (and getting on with them) always feels like a huge life achievement


6) But you're secretly relieved when it's time to move on to the next place...

7) People watching can be way more fun than sightseeing

8) And you sometimes don't understand other people travelling choices

11) You feel like you always have to be 'fun' when you're in a new place...

12) ...But your idea of real fun is a little different

9) You feel chuffed when other groups invite you to join them...

10) ...But you'd rather head out for adventure by yourself


13) Travelling has made you care less about what people think about you

14) When you get home, everyone wants to ask you all about your adventures...

15) ... And you realise actually, you're not as shy as when you left