The Golden State of California is known all over the world for being pretty damn chill. It has year round sunshine, the world's best avocados and, well... let's just say that Harrison Ford has bought a few acres there over the years.

What you might not know about California however, is that it is hands down, the best place in the world for healthy and adventurous people to live their best life.

Exercise Isn’t All About The Gym! Adventurous Women Get Outside And Join Us For A Fitness Revolution…

Right now at Cooler, we're embracing a TrailFit way of life. This is a movement all about enjoying fitness in the outdoors as much as possible, and elevating your workouts to become more than just calorie counting and fitness tracking - instead making them a way of life.

Whether you want to get your heart moving on a trail, in the town, at the beach or in the forest, California is the place to be. Strap on your adventure shoes and head to CA - We promise, you'll never want leave.

1) Ask people what they know about California and most people will describe something like this...


2) But the Golden State is also a paradise for all healthy and adventurous people


3) In California, your pre - work morning workout probably looks like this...


4) ...And there's no Pret sarnies for breakfast here


5) A day out with the girls looks less like an afternoon in All-Bar-One and more like this


6) And any weekend hangover you do have, can be walked off somewhere like this...


7) Here, enjoying the sunshine in your lunchbreak looks a whole lot better than a city park bench


8) And wandering round the shops looks a little more inspiring than anything you'd see on a UK high street


9) There are loads of rad classes to be found around California


10) And you're sure to meet an amazing group of adventurous people at them


11) In California, even just going for a drive feels like an adventure


12) And even meal times have an outdoorsy vibe to them


13) Because when meals outdoors look like this...


14) ... And you can even Netflix and chill in the evening starlight, why would you ever go indoors?!


15) So if you're looking for an outside adventure and a new trail to explore, look no further


16) California is everything any adventure lover could ever need and much, much more!!