1) You love your mates, you really do


2) But when it comes to holidays, they seem to have very different ideas to you...

3) They like the idea of all-inclusive, all day happy hour


4) You like the idea of an all-inclusive, all day swell

5) They like to lay and tan themselves all day

three women sunbathing on the beach

6) You like to climb to the top of mountains like this and avoid sunburn


7) You girl mates' feet a probably perfectly manicured and holiday ready


8) Whereas this is the closest yours have ever come to a foot spa

9) While there’s no danger sunbathing in bikinis like this...


10) You've packed something a little more trustworthy for when you’re in the line up


11) Their idea of good nightlife looks like this

12) Whereas you're imagining something more along these lines


13) Of course when it comes to hanging out with good food and drinks, you're speaking the same language!

14) It's just in how you choose to deal with the hangover that you differ...

15) Next time you holiday with mates, why not try out each others holiday ideas for a few days?

16) Maybe they’ll love it!

17) And maybe a little chill time for you isn’t the worst thing in the world....