1) It's so big....


2) I mean like REALLY big...


3) It's got every kind of terrain you could possibly want

different terrain USA

4) And the best outdoors shops in the world

This REI in Denver, Colorado has a climbing wall in the middle of it!

REI Denver Colorado

5) It's the home of surfing...

surfing 1960s

6) And climbing...


7) Road trips...

route 66 usa road trip

8) And the Wilderness Act

...Which means 109.5 million acres of wilderness are protected from human activities


9) It's got some of the most epic campsites on earth

camping joshua tree patagonia

10) And some of the best breakfasts as well

Can I have a side of bacon with that?


11) You can watch a geyser explode in Yellowstone National Park


12) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in California like Cheryl Strayed...

Photo: Fox Searchlight

13) And recreate your favourite movie scenes in New York

when harry met sally

14) Everyone here is outdoorsy...

In some respect...

annie oakely

15) You can go from snowy mountain peaks to Death Valley, the hottest place on earth in no time at all

Photo: nps.gov

16) Oh yeah, and did we mention the food?

fast food america

17) You get 90 tourist visa to travel where you please. Tempted yet?

Photo: pixdaus.com

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