1) You'll wake up to views like this.... every single day


2) You can ski or snowboard (pretty much) every day from December to April...

Photo: theloadedhandbag.com

3) This is not a rare occurrence

Falling Snow

4) And there are places like this to explore on your doorstep

Photo: lostinthewhiteroom

5) There's no better place in the world to take up climbing...

Photo: Chris Noble

6) Or canoeing...

canoeing mountains

7) You can live in a mountain hut, drink coffee every morning and no one will call you a hipster

Photo: coffeeinthemountains.tumblr.com

8) One word: fondue

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9) Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere

Dog dinner table

10) Your morning commute will look like this...

Photo: coffeeinthemountains.tumblr.com

11) Rather than this...

Photo: telegraph.co.uk

12) You don't have to put up with this..

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13) There's far less of this...

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14) And you can actually see the Milky Way at night


15) Temperatures get very hot in the summer

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16) And when it's cold, you can always justify a hot chocolate

hot chocolate mountains

17) Because there's nowhere else you'd rather be

Photo: Nomadic Photographer