1) They think of you as one of the guys...


2) Which means you're not shielded from casual nudity...


3) Penis jokes....


4) Or their questionable attitudes towards the women they are dating


5) You like the fact that they are always up for an adventure...

Photo: Chris Burkard

6) And they are super laid back...


7) But you'll have to put up with their stinky socks and tendency to fart in their sleeping bags

Photo: rohudson.com

8) Beer should be drunk in pint glasses only...


9) And hair is there to be messed up


10) At some point, people will think you are dating one of your guy mates


11) They will take the piss out of you for trying to be healthy & eating salad...


12) But they won't judge when you casually scoff 12 slices of pizza on a drunken night out


13) They don't understand vintage clothing

No, it's not about just wearing clothes people died in...


14) On the plus side, you could chop off all your hair and wear a bin bag - and they wouldn't bat an eyelid

Photo: The Sun

15) FIFA takes priority over everything...

Photo: theoriginalwinger.com

16) You have female friends too, though...

You're not one of those girls who doesn't like other women because they create "too much drama". Women rock!


17) But sometimes you appreciate a bit of lad time...

Particularly if it involves sport, getting muddy followed by beers and nachos

new girl guys

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