1) London isn't the centre of the universe

Say wha?

London Centre Universe

2) There are plenty of rad places to live that aren't our capital city

Brighton, Bristol, Cornwall... Take your pick.

st ives cornwall

3) Tube strikes don't bother you anymore

4) Neither do aggressive lorry drivers

lorry cyclist commute

5) With no commute, you have more time to spend doing this....

Women's surfing wear

6) This...

Tumblr Yoga

7) And this...


8) Nights out are waaay cheaper

9) But town does have a tendency to look like this past 1am

10) Pints don't cost £6

pint beer

11) Yoga classes don't cost £15

Adventure Yogi Polzeath Cornwall Yoga Surf Retreat

12) And rent isn't crippling your bank account anymore

13) Plus shops actually close at 5.30pm


14) Which means you have more money to spend going places like this...

Soul and Surf Sally-Anne Argyle

15) It's great to go back and visit London


16) Sometimes you get pangs when you see sights like this...


17) But would you ever go back to living in London?