1) It's ridiculously beautiful

Photo: Tumblr

2) You've seen Lord Of The Rings? The landscape really looks like that...

Photo: redcarpet-tours.com

3) I mean c'mon, the Milford Sound...

Photo: softwarebysteno.co.nz

4) They've got these unbelievable hot springs

Photo: willcopestakemedia.com

5) And totally amazing wildlife

Photo: adventuresmithexplorations.com

6) (Without all the dangerous animals that might kill you that live in Australia)

Coast_Garter_Snake Australia

7) Kiwis have a pretty relaxed attitude to life...


8) They are super eco-conscious

They've got electric buses and half flush toilets. It's all about local produce and farmers' markets here.

trolleybus new zealand

9) Everyone is super friendly

Trust us, they really are!

Photo: techwil.com

10) They are known for their amazing coffee...

new zealand coffee culture

11) Delicious wine...


12) And brunch is always a priority (hell yes!)


13) They've got excellent surf...

Photo: theartofsurfing.co.nz

14) Mountains to ride...

Photo: accidentaltravelwriter.net

15) And ancient woodlands and white sandy beaches to explore

Photo: abeltasman.co.nz

16) Okay, so it is really expensive place to live...

(But it's definitely cheaper than Australia)

Photo: suptinik.co.nz

17) And sometimes it rains. A lot.

rain in new zealand

18) But there's definitely a reason why everyone moves there and doesn't come back

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