1) Everyone expects adventurers to have a few things


2) Impeccable balance....

3) Great hand eye coordination...

4) ... And steely nerves

Woman leaping

5) But what about if you’re a clumsy adventurer like us?

6) Sure, in our head we look like this ……

The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

7) But in reality?

8) Over the years, we’ve had more fractured bones than most of our family put together

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9) And our range of adventure photos include a lot of falling over and scabby knees

USA, California, Laguna Beach, Mountain biker falling of his bike

10) When we take on daring feats, people’s faces look less like this...

11) And more like this...

12) It's not that we don’t rock at what we do


13) It's just that we tend to fall over a bit

14) ... Or forget to turn when we should do

15) …. Or get distracted by something interesting in the distance

16) While we'll never be totally trusted to lead a hike by our mates.....

17) We will never let our clumsiness stop us from adventuring!

A woman ziplining in the jungle with Alltournative Mayan Offtrack Adventures, near Riviera Maya, Mexico.