1) You don’t wear shoes for most of the summer months

feet sand sea

2) Yet you still find sand in your shoes all year round


3) You're always wearing bikini tops under your clothes


4) You have a surf cam of your favourite beach constantly open on your work computer

5) You just don’t understand people who spend all their entire holiday sat around a pool


6) Rainy days in the city are really depressing...

7) But rainy days at the beach are great!


8) You live for moments like this...


9) And hanging out with guys like this...

underwater snorkel turtle

10) You laugh when people use gnarly and rad un-ironically....

11) But it only takes two days on the beach - before you catch yourself doing the same...

12) Yes, you love to swim all year round


13) But pools just don't begin to compare to the ocean

14) You have a flip flop spending problem


15) Your hair looks best when it's been in salt water

16) There's no better place to nap than on the beach


17) You'd live solely off a diet of seafood and watermelon, if you could..


18) One day, you know you'll live by the sea...

beach ocean sea

19) But for now, you'll have to do with daydreaming about it...

beach zakynthos

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