1) Your friends think you are crazy to leave the buzz of city life behind, but you don't care...


2) You get to see views like this everyday...


3) Rather than this...


4) You will spend way less money on rent


5) Weekends are less about expensive clubs and overpriced cocktails...


6) And more about this..

Beach campfire

7) You get to spend your weekends doing this...


8) And this...

9) And this....


10) Three words: fresh local seafood. Need I say more...

Photo: Stock

11) Flip flops are mandatory footwear


12) And people clock off work early when the surf is good

Photo: Stock

13) Museums around your area now look like this...

Photo: Museum of British Surfing

14) Breaking news looks something like this....


15) And pints don't cost £6

16) People say good morning to strangers on the street here. Yes, really.

Photo: Foster The People

17) You won't love it when holiday season comes around...

Beach cornwall
Photo: Stock

18) But you really appreciate where you live once they've all gone home

Photo: Stock

19) This could quite possibly happen to you... If you're lucky

Photo: Stephanie Schechter

20) Because there's no better place to live than by the sea

Photo: Sunshine Reggae

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