1) Every Friday, you've got a massive bag stashed under your desk, waiting 'til you can escape the office


2) You spend every waking moment wishing you were here...

Photo: The Great Northwest

3) ... Or here


4) ... Or here

Matt Georges/Whitelines

5) You find yourself riding this kind of Tube...


6) ... More often than this kind

Photo: Roxy

7) You'd prefer if your morning coffee looked like this...


8) Rather than this


9) You dream about quitting your job, buying a van and driving down the west coast of America

van life

10) Your computer background at work looks like this


11) You're obsessed with the weather forecast

There's a slight chance of sun this weekend, hurrah!

weather forecast

12) You save all your money to go places like here...


13) Rather than spend it here...

Photo: Stock

14) You are constantly booking yourself on mud runs...

Photo: dartbeat.com

15) And SUP yoga classes...

Even though your friends think you're nuts

Photo: Nina Zietman

16) Because the only way to stay sane is to exercise... A lot

17) Weekends aren't for watching Netflix and eating peanut butter out of the jar

Well, not all of them anyway


18) Because you look at the city as somewhere to explore

Urban adventures, yeah!

Photo: Poler Stuff

19) You believe cycling is the only way to get around your city


20) One day you'll live somewhere like this...

Josh Deiss

21) But for the meantime, you're happy living here

london city

22) Because not everything about urban living is that bad...


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