How long do you think you could last in the wild with no supplies? This hiker in America just went against the odds for almost a week to survive, when she found her lost.

71-year-old Sabean Geer and her dog Yoda were rescued yesterday after being lost in Olympic National Park for the past 6 days. The hiker was out in the park alone to spread her late husband's ashes, when she accidentally walked further than she intended and lost her way.

“I ran out there. I didn’t think I walked that far, but I could have, because I was emotional" she told her local paper after her rescue.

Sabean climbed a cliff to try and find the trail, but after failing to find her bearings, she and Yoda ended up spending the night with no water or shelter.


The next day, after surviving the first night of temperatures below 40, Geer decided that the best option for her and Yoda was to stay put, make a shelter and hope to be rescued.

“I had four things I had to do to survive" she says. "Water, not get injured seriously … find shelter and I had to be visible to be rescued." After finding a creek for water, she made a wooden hut and looked for currents and nuts for food, finally ending up eating ants, while Yoda eats all bugs around them.

Luckily, one of Geer's friends had noticed her disappearance and contacted her brother to enquire on her whereabouts. From there, the police were contacted, Geer officially became a missing person and a search and rescue began, finally finding her on Sunday.

“I was really encouraged by myself," she said after rescue. “I didn’t panic. I was calm. I was glad I had the knowledge to figure out what to do, I was grateful for everything in my life — my friends, my family."

What an amazing story of a informed, brave and level headed adventure woman going head to head with the wilderness and coming out on top. We hope that both Geer and Yoda are now safe at home after their adventure in the wild.