Britta Burger

Photography buffs, listen up. Cooler's very own long-time fashion contributor, Britta Burger, is hosting her first solo fashion photography exhibition next week in London.

If you like the feel of analog photos, then this is totally worth checking out.

From intriguing portraits to deserted landscapes, Britta's photography straddles commercial fashion photography and a more detached documentary style.

Photo: Britta Burger

"When I was first asked to do the exhibition I wanted to be serious and only show documentary images," says Britta, "but then I realised fashion photography is an important part of my work so I decided to mix the two."

"I'd also become increasingly annoyed with the pressure to sell random stuff and make it look more desirable and expensive than it was.

Fashion editorials are always going to be a balancing act between journalism and commercial work, so the exhibition is about the compromises you make, but also shows people who are more on the fringes of society. "

Instead of an exhibition catalogue, Britta has made her own free limited edition fanzine for anyone who comes along, featuring photos, posters and quotes.

Photos: Britta Burger

Private View: Britta Burger. Fashion and Photography is taking place at the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

Opening night starts at 7pm on Tuesday 10 February. You can get your free ticket here. The exhibition will run until Thursday 2 April 2015 from 9am to 5pm. Entry is free. More info here.