You've probably heard of Deliciously Ella. She's the young chef taking over the world right now with her plant-based, super healthy recipes.

But the big question is, have you heard of Deliciously Stella? Last week TV presenter Davina McCall tweeted the following:

Davina McCall Deliciously Stella

Obviously, we clicked on Deliciously Stella - and Davina was right, she's totally hilarious!

Bella Younger - the mastermind behind Deliciously Stella - started the account as a parody to the famed superfood chef.

Instead of posing in the sunshine with a healthy coconut like Deliciously Ella here...

deliciously ella

Deliciously Stella shows off her McDonald's Happy Meal with the hashtag #feelingblessed!

Photo: @deliciouslystella

Deliciously Ella enjoys a rooftop morning yoga session and a great ab workout...


Or you could work your abs the way Stella knows best...

Photo: @deliciouslystella

Nourishing breakfast smoothie to start your day?

deliciously ella

How about a can of Stella instead?

Photo: @deliciouslystella

Fruit and vegetables are all you need to stay healthy at work...


Or you could just have an Aero...

Photo: @deliciouslystella

Deliciously Ella has been working on her headstands...

Photo: @deliciouslyella

And so has Stella...

Photo: @deliciouslystella

Hilarious stuff, right? Follow @deliciouslystella on Instagram. We promise you won't regret it.