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You might think camping indoors kind of takes the fun out of camping, right? Well, maybe not.

We came across this indoor camping ground on the Travelettes and we think it looks awesome.

Owners Sarah and Silke decided to transformed an old vacuum cleaner factory in Berlin into a super cool hostel made up of indoor caravans.

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It's called the Hüttenpalast, which means 'Palace of Huts' in German.

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But they didn't always intend to make a hostel from the space. Originally they put the huts into the factory hall because they wanted to be able to remove them for events.

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There are 12 unique quirky caravans that you can rent for a night or two. Outside there's a covered garden, blooming with flowers and a hammock in the corner to relax in.

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Everything in the garden was created almost completely from recycled products, including old bathtubs, wine cases and barrels.

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Because you're all staying in one big open space - it's hard not to make friends with your neighbours.

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It's not too pricey either. A single room for a night will cost you €30. It's €40 for a double, plus there's free WiFi.

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They will even provide you with fresh orange juice and a croissant for breakfast for €5.

Sound pretty good? Book your stay in the Hüttenpalast here.