Surfing, snowboarding, fitness training, travel writing - there isn't much that Sophie Everard doesn't do. From inspiring women all over the world to get into fitness and have adventures, to travelling the world and experiencing what it has to offer, Sophie's life is ruled by a love of moving your body and stoking your brains out whenever possible.

Growing up in Greece, Sophie always had a connection to the outdoors and everything it has to offer. She has now based her career on spreading that connection to others and spreading the love through fitness, travel and creativity.

With one of the happiest Instagram profiles out there, Sophie's photos make you want to find out more about her adventures and the stories behind them. We caught up with Sophie and asked her to give us the background info on some of the best moments she's shared online....

Sophie: "Here I am high-kicking my way into leading a boxing/MMA class for the studio I teach at, Another Space, at Balance Festival (a wellness festival in London)."

" I have been teaching boxing for a number of years and I love the head-to-toe workout it delivers."

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Sophie: "The nature of my work sees my traveling both in the capacity as a travel writer and also in running my surf and fitness retreats for women (Mad To Live Retreats) around the world."

"A recent trip saw me at dreamy new boutique hotel Amouage by Surf MAroc in TAgzahout, surfing my brains out and discussing the rise of luxe-surf destinations for this very fine magazine."

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Sophie: "What freedom one feels whilst on horseback, stoke levels go through the roof when galloping on these incredible animals. I love connecting with nature, and how energised, how full of life, how alive I feel on horseback, it’s a breathtaking experience."

"I’m in one of my favourite places in the world here, Costa Rica, having just wrapped a retreat, celebrating with a charge down the beach on this stunning steed."

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Sophie: "A huge part of my work sees my actively endeavouring to share how rewarding I believe a healthy life of adventure is with women, and how it is so beneficial, mentally and physically."

"I was stoked to partner up with adventure shoe company Keen and Cooler for the launch of their new women’s shoe Terradora, creating three outdoor training programmes."

"Here I am leading an awesome group of women in London’s Hampstead Heath, sharing stoke and how epic it is to train outside!"

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Sophie: "I am a big advocate of pursing activities that interest you, and sometimes, this might take you out of your comfort zone."

"It is so rewarding to me on my retreats to see women sometimes encounter moments of fear, and how this is often just a psychological barrier, that can be broken down in a number of ways.The reward of surpassing this can be monumental and there is nothing I love seeing more than the genuine elation of a guest realising she has achieved her own personal Everest."

"Here I am with some awesome guests in Costa Rica celebrating the end of an epic climbing session."

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Sophie: "A long-time snowboarder, the mountains always have a special place in my heart."

"I kicked off the last winter season with a trip to Saalbach to get some early-season turns in. Our hotel (Forsthofalm) was a moon-wood constructed place of dreams, perfect for chilling post-shred."

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Sophie: "I am playing with some upside down fun with friend Shona Vertue at the launch of her class at New Balance."

"I had just got off the plane from Bali and was feeling a bit spaced out but I love to break a sweat after flying and kick-start my body again!"

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Sophie: "I obviously love training, and do for a number of reasons: it keeps me strong, physically and mentally, and able to do the sports I love like surfing."

"I strength train 3 times a week and have found the impact of this staggering on the sports i love. Stronger, faster, better endurance, and less likely to get injured."

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Sophie: "Haha, I love this shot! This was genuinely one of the best days snowboarding I have ever had in my life, and all in England!!"

"A good seven or so years ago it dumped it down in the UK, and my ex and I were towed at pretty high speed by his mum behind her car, before building our own mini-park and having an epic session."

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Sophie: "I love music, and some of my favourite bands have gone side by side in the counter-cultural surf, snow and skate movements beginnings."

"I was lucky enough to see Metallica at House of Vans last December. There were about 300 of us in the audience going absolutely nuts, I’ll never forget this night!