Palmitas, a town in the Pachuca district of Mexico has been turned into a giant rainbow mural, as part of a plan to unite the residents and eradicate crime in the area.

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'German Crew', a group of street artists who use their art to spread social cohesion were asked by the Mexican government to paint the 200 houses that make up the small town.


We love the idea that this kind of left field and peaceful approach to tackling crime can be successful.

Occupants of Palmitas have had a positive reaction to their colourful new city and have embraced the local participation in the project.

Recently the violence amongst youths has been entirely eradicated!

452 families, or 1808 people, have said they have been positively affected by this project, saying that recently the violence amongst youths has been entirely eradicated!


There's nothing better than a brilliant success story like this!

Check out the Germen Crew and the locals turning their town into a peace of art below.