We all have different experiences of the outdoors and we love it for our own different reasons. Some of us were taken hiking as children, some found the release of exercise outside as a reaction to a stressful work life, others just use it to escape the city once a month.

While the way that we experience nature and adventure is personal, what is universal is the positive effect that time spent in nature has on the body and mental wellbeing. It's this effect that the people behind Women In Adventure and Shextreme want to investigate through their new survey.

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"Instinctively we know being outside is good for our soul, it makes us feel alive" says Women In Adventure. "However, there is a lack of accessible information showing how and to what extent it impacts our lives. Aside from proving there is a positive association between the outdoors and mental wellbeing, we would like this project to empower women and raise awareness of an often under-discussed topic."

The group hopes to do this by collecting information on women's thoughts on the effect of adventure and the outdoors on mental health so they can put the information to good use. All your responses will be kept anonymous and the date will be used to inform brands, businesses and news outlets on how to better understand and relate to the topic of mental wellbeing within adventure industry.


Find the 2017 survey here!