From 2007 to 2012, only 30 per cent of the speaking characters in the top 500 movies were women. How crazy is that?

There's a transgender princess fighting for equality and a robot-building princess who saves her city from aliens

The #RealPrincess campaign is working to change this. Instead of Disney characters, they want to portray real strong women to inspire girls as they are growing up.


There's a transgender princess fighting for equality, a robot-building princess who saves her city from aliens.

There's also a marine biologist princess who rescues animals from global warming and a scientist princess who finds a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer.


Princess Natasha Rose above, holds peaceful rallies and fights for a new bill to end discrimination on college campuses.

Princess Asha is fighting against the tradition of arranged marriage in order to go to medical school and become a doctor.


The campaign is being hosted on the awesome Dosomething.org, a site for young people to bring about social change.

"We want to show support and push to increase this new trend" explains the campaigners on the site.

"Creating and sharing new characters who deserve the spotlight for their actions and minds, not just their dresses and hair colour."


You can sign up here and download the template and design to add your own #realprincess to the campaign.

We're going to start working on our #RealPrincess right now!


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