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If You’ve Ever Dated A Surfer, Skateboarder Or Snowboarder, Then You’ll Appreciate This…

They're super fit, athletic, tanned - and they love the outdoors. So what's the catch?

Photo: Tumblr

Surfers don’t just date surfers. The same goes for snowboarders, climbers, runners – you name it.

Maybe you’re a surfer and your boo is a snowboarder? Or they’ve never touched a mountain bike before you and it’s what you live for?

Before you embark on a new relationship with someone outside your usual crowd, read this… It might already sound familiar.

The Surfer

Photo: Tumblr

Surfers will always gravitate to water. Which is no bad thing, if you’re a lover of watersports.

If they’re not at the beach, they will often be found with a guitar and cider in hand – or subtly boasting about the gnarly waves they caught on their winter trip to Indo.

Catch them during a flat spell? Be warned – they may be a little touchier than normal.


They’ll have a great tan and an awesome toned upper body. You’ll spend a hell of a lot of time at the beach.


They will always be clattering around at 5am as they head out for a dawnie. If the tides are right, your date night won’t take priority

The Skateboarder

Photo: Tumblr

True skateboarders have been skating for years, so they will be seriously dedicated to their sport. Which means they will be totally sick in the park.

They love inner city life because that’s often where the best skateparks are. So if you’re a city girl, there’s no chance of being carted off to the countryside unwillingly.


They are unbelievably talented and likely to travel to Barcelona (aka. skate heaven) at some point. They also love burritos.


They constantly have swollen elbows and trainers with holes in, so they look like they are homeless. Their skateboard will be more attached to their side than you will.

The Snowboarder

Photo: Pinterest

Snowboarders live for the winter. The mountains are everything. They will toil away in the summer months just to be able to get a four months of endless riding in the winter.

Once the sun goes down, you’re likely to find them tearing up the local apres bar or editing their latest video edit in their apartment.


They live in the mountains – and there are few places more beautiful to make your home. Plus it’s not a year-round sport, so they’re all yours in the summer months.


When they aren’t on the mountain, they will spend every waking moment playing FIFA or watching endless snowboarding videos online.

The Mountain Biker

Photo: Tim Spurgeon

Unlike the snowboarder, the mountain biker lives for the summer months.

This will involve buying a van and travelling the Alps in search of the next big contest or just crashing on people’s floor to ride trails the next day.

Mountain bikers are seriously hardcore and always covered in mud. Whoever said scars weren’t sexy?


You will always have an adventure buddy. They’re pretty handy at fixing things and they will have a super toned butt.


They will insist on showing you their endless GoPro footage. When they’re not riding, they will be meticulously cleaning their bike or obsessing over their latest Strava time.

The Runner

Photo: Stock

Runners are generally a really upbeat happy bunch. Seriously. It’s all those endorphins they keep pumping around their body after they’ve been for a run.

Guaranteed they will also be in incredible shape. Just don’t look at their feet. Running double digits does not do good things to toes.


They’ll have a great body and they’ll totally motivate you to get up off the sofa as well.


They’ll be up at 6am pounding the pavements in the pouring rain before work when all you want to do is snooze. There’s constantly wet lycra hanging around the house.

The Sailor

Photo: Pinterest

Sailors are an interesting bunch. They either own a yacht or want to own a yacht.

It’s their life dream to set sail from Southampton and finish in Sydney, Australia. So, you’ll need to have an a strong stomach if you’re looking to stick around long term.

You also need to like rum and getting sunburnt.


You get to spend a lot of time in the sunshine on a boat.


They will spend all their free time (and money) fixing things on their boat that don’t need to be fixed.

The Climber

Photo: Chris Noble

Climbers usually follow their hearts – so you won’t find them slogging away at a desk and earning lots of dough.

The mountains are their home, so get used to sunshine and chalky hands. They also make a really good packed lunch, because they’re often out from dawn ’til dusk.

They love to climb and travel – the two go hand-in-hand. So it’s guaranteed they’ll show you the world from a very different perspective. Preferably with a really good view.


One word: abs.


Scabby hands and swollen knuckles. They have a one-track mind – it’s focused on climbing, not you.

The Hiker

Photo: Rebloggy

You used to think hiking was something dowdy old English ramblers with geeky anoraks would do. Then you got older and realised actually hiking is totally amazing.

Get yourself a nice pair of hiking boots and join this adventurer on long walks along cliff tops and through forests.

Be warned: they tend to think walking ten miles uphill is a doddle.


They are very good at navigation and know how to pitch a tent in minutes. Dates under the stars are pretty dreamy.


They will spends hours telling you the benefits of wearing sweat-wicking materials and think that a three hour hike isn’t a very long way at all.


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