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Injuries - they are all part of being a sportswoman, right?

We came across an awesome collective of sporty women on a Facebook Group called Girls Gone Rad.

These women were sporting some seriously gnarly injuries, so we put together a gallery of some of their most badass injuries encountered - including a few shots from the pros and our readers.

It just goes to show how fearless these woman really are. Go ladies!

Be warned - it's not pretty...

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 1

Ooooofff. I know, right?

Professional surfer and all round badass woman Keala Kennelly hit the reef while surfing Teahupoo back in 2011 - and came out with this gnarly facial injury.

Luckily, after fourty stitches, she was OK and it's healed up well.

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 7

No one said learning to snowboard was easy...

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 2 P Laura Bond

Laura Bond decided to try out BMXing for the first time - and this was the consequence...

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 12 P Sophie Hellyer

British pro surfer Sophie Hellyer had a nasty encounter with her fin last year...

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 10

Catching an edge while snowboarding can be very painful - as this woman found out!

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 5 P Mishy Cockayne

Ever wondered why people wear helmets when they wakeboard behind a boat? That's why.

Thanks to Mishy Cockayne for this brutal shot of her nine stitches.

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 9

Who knew crashing off your bike in a velodrome could result in a purple beast like this?

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 4 P Sophie Edmondson

This injury might not look gnarly from the photo - but man, did it hurt.

Sophie Edmondson was out surfing Boscombe earlier this summer - the first time without boots this year - when she was stung by a jellyfish on her foot. Ouch!

"Apparently peeing on it is the worst thing to do!" says Sophie "Never do it!"

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 11 P Sydney Leroux

Footballers aren't all pansies. USA soccer player Sydney Leroux's legs didn't look so great about a close encounter with astroturf...

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 3 P Diane Horne

Diane Horne went snowboarding without ass padding - and this is what happened....

George Page Rugby Injury

Who could forget Georgia Page, the Australian student who carried on playing rugby - despite having a broken nose!

Gnarly Sports Injuries Women 6

Roller derby girls are known to be totally badasses. This bruise proves it!