Ever dreamed of travelling the world and documenting it with amazing pictures? Who hasn't?

Meet Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale. They are living the dream, according to their gorgeous adventurous Instagram snaps.

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The pair met at a wedding in Hawaii, got married in France and have been globe-trotting ever since, thanks to Samuel's job as a professional photographer.

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Between they now have nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. They've travelled as far as the Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea.

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Oh yeah, and they are both totally gorgeous. Why is it that all Scandinavians are so good-looking?!

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They're not just gallivanting with no care for the countries they stop off in.

They are currently volunteering with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to help disadvantaged people around the world.

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"For me the most stunning place has been Iceland," Samuel told the Daily Mail. "That place just made my jaw drop on the floor, the scenery is like nowhere else."

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How do they afford it? Well, the pair keep living costs down by sleeping in tents and using Airbnb along the way.

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Whether it's ice swimming in Finland or exploring waterfalls in California, these two are experiencing some unbelievably cool adventures.

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"It might seem like we are always travelling the world, but please remember that most of these photos are highlights of our lives," says Hildegunn on her Instagram feed.

"We are average people with good days, bad days and boring days, just like everyone else. I just happen to live surrounded by nice sceneries walking hand in hand with a talented photographer."

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Antarctica is next on their list, which will no doubt be documented on Instagram. We just wish we had the dollar to travel the world like these guys!

You can follow Samuel on Instagram here and Hildegunn here.

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