Photo: Jonathan Crowley-Volpato‎

Now this is a story that will warm your hearts.

Jonathan Crowley-Volpato was climbing Mt. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, last Thursday when he met a woman hiking with her mum.

The pair got talking, Jonathan decided he really liked her - but they parted ways without exchanging names, let alone a phone number.

He posted the photo on Facebook - and it went viral!

Later that evening, Jonathan decided he had made a big mistake. So he cancelled his evening plans, ran down the mountain and drove Shell Island where she said she was staying.

Bearing in mind - Shell Island is a peninsula that's over an hour's drive from Snowdon!

It was starting to get dark - and he still hadn't found her. The next day he came up with the plan to drive around the island with these words written on his van. But still no luck.

So he posted the photo on Facebook - and it went viral!

Nurse From Snowdon Story

Within two days, it over 7,000 shares across the social network. And guess what? He found her!

We haven't got the full details, but we hope this pair are an adventurous match made in heaven.