How amazing are these photos of a female only community in the village Umoja, in northern Kenya?!

A radical community, Umoji takes in women who have fled from places where child marriage, female genital mutilation, domestic violence and rape are standard and is now home to 47 women and 200 children.

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Founder Lolosoli had been beaten by a group of men for speaking to women in her village about their rights, so in response she created a village where she and others like her would be safe.

Photo: Georgina Goodwin

In a world rife with problems, it is both refreshing and inspiring to hear a story like this about ordinary people triumphing over adversity!

The community survives by running a nearby campsite that accommodates safari tourists. The tourists can visit the village for a small fee and buy the jewellery hand crafted by the local women.

Educate the youth from surrounding Samburu villages on issues such as early marriage and FGM.

“Outside, women are being ruled by men so they can’t get any change," said Seita Lengima, a member of the village.

“The women in Umoja have freedom."

The forward thinking women have also made a conscious effort to educate the youth from surrounding Samburu villages on issues such as early marriage and FGM.

While it seems to be an extreme answer to the problems faced by these women, we feel it's an amazing show of progress and the collective power of women.

Guardian reporter Julie Bindel recently travelled to the commune to be greeted by a brilliant site; women dressed in traditional colourful costumes crouched on bamboo mats making jewellery, talking and laughing.

Women at ease, living without fear of violence.

In a part of the world where horror like this is still manifest, it is a breath of fresh air to hear about this village where these women are finally free...