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How To Trick Your Facebook Friends Into Thinking You’re A Badass Adventurer

Moral of the story? NEVER trust the internet

Everyone has those people on Facebook who have the perfect, super adventurous, Pinterest perfect life.

They’re either jumping into the air on the top of a mountain or strolling down a beach with a board under their arm, every time you see a post from them you’re reminded of how totally awesome they are.

Get this, that kind of Facebook cool isn’t something you’re born with, but something that you can create…

We’ve employed just the right amount of trickery, bragging and bare faced lies and created the ultimate guide to tricking your Facebook followers into thinking you’re the most badass adventurer on the planet….

1) Photos Have To Be Perfect

First things first.

When creating the illusion of a rad life, remember that a picture paints a thousand words…

All pictures have to reflect the unreal life you’re living and be a bright and sunny as your permanent disposition.

Luckily for you, Photoshop is at hand to make a rainy day look like a sunny one and to make your pale winter face look like a radiant tan one.

The lady in the photo above has never been snorkelling, its all Photoshop. Incredible.


2) Brighten Up Your Profile Pic

All photos have to be good, but your profile has to be incredible.

Remember to make sure you keep the salty water, beach hair look and always have a tan.

Good things to have  in your profile pic also include sunglasses, outdoor cocktails and random exotic animals.

Make sure you hit up the Instagram filters and brighten that shit right up before posting the pic- the sky can never be too blue and your hair can never be too highlighted!

3) Be Mysterious

The picture above. Is it in New Zealand or North Wales on particularly sunny day?

No one knows.

Never caption photos with the exact location, instead put mysterious tags such as ‘my home away from home’ or ‘no place like it’

Since you’re life seems so cool already, people will naturally assume that you’re somewhere super exotic, allow that assumption.

No one needs to know that you’re actually with your parents in the Peak District again…


4) Get Inspirational

Don’t forget to show everyone how worldly you are, through inspiring quotes and hashtags.

Our personal favourites include:

‘Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a way to travel’

‘Never become blind to the beauty around you’

and of course the classic ‘Not all who wander are lost’ (thanks Gandalf).

#wanderlust #traveller #earth #throwback #adventure #love #humanity #dare #nature #hippy #freedom #peace

… Deep.

5) Engage With Other Adventurous People

By commenting and liking other adventurous peoples post, you’re making a kind of adventurous online gang.

Other people will see this and realise that you’re ‘that type’ of person.

Also liking pictures of people rocking a particularly adventurous outfit works in your favour, it might seem a bit out there to their other friends, but you get it, cause your awesome.

6) ‘Like’ Adventurous Pages

This also stands for brands.

If you see someone’s likes include Roald Dahl, Katy Perry and Hello Kitty- you can’t help but let that shape your opinion of them, right?

Therefore, make sure your recent likes show what a maverick soul you are.

Like a few outdoor brands like Billabong, O’Neill and Volcom, along with some community pages for travellers, base jumpers, scuba divers… whatever.

Compliment these with a few obscure cultural favourites such as Irvine Welsh novels and Billy Wilder movies.

Put them together and let your new interests do the talking for you.

7) Document Anything Outdoorsy And Active

If you go for a run or to a yoga class, even if you just go for a walk – make sure you document that shit.

Putting up pictures of your super active lifestyle reminds people what a get-up-and-goer you are.

One well-timed trainer pic a month can create the illusion of a healthy lifestyle and put people under the impression that you’re a constantly active person.

No one has to know that you were watching Breaking Bad and eating enough pizza to feed a small family when you posted it….

8) Call Their Bluff

Have you seen an incredible looking adventure advertised online?

Post it to your page and tag your mates in it, hinting that you should all go to do it.

Based on the fact that Facebook plans almost never work out, coupled with the fact that your mates will probably think it’s too crazy  to actually do, you’ll probably never have to go through with it.

You do still get the props however for suggesting it in the first place!

You’re so wild…

9) Remind Everyone That You’re Travelling

If you are travelling, occasions at home such as birthdays, Christmas, graduations etc.  can be perfect opportunities to remind people what an awesome time you’re having.

A ‘subtle’ happy birthday written on a Caribbean beach, or posed on the top of a mountain shows how that you care enough to remember them from across the world.

(While also reminding everyone that you’re having the BEST time)

SO sneaky….

10) Actually Be Awesome

Of course, by the time you’ve put all this effort into making yourself look rad online, you may as well have spent all that time actually doing the stuff everything thinks you’re doing.

Of course you can still build an awesome profile online to show people the adventures you’re actually having, but here’s a surprising secret..

If you’re off going base jumping, surfing, hiking, travelling…we bet that you won’t even have time to think about whether to update your status or not!

Now turn off the computer and go do something awesome!


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